America’s Historic Challenge to Fund Mass Innovation

America’s Historic Challenge to Fund Mass Innovation
Grassroots Input regarding NTIA/BTOP and USDA/RUS stimulus program effectiveness.

Anyone interested in a free online course on 21st Century Workforce Basics is invited to engage the videos and other content for the Alaskan online course:

21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy -
See the sample videos at the bottom of this blog. Then go to:

Social Media Trends: A short review of the literature

The Rural Broadband Challenge: Use It - E-commerce successes in rural Montana Lone Eagle's published response to challenges as to whether rural broadband can produce jobs.

What’s Broadband Done for You Lately? A Primer on What IS Broadband.

Cyberbridges as Broadband Business Incubators
Can Broadband become THE Cyberbridge to an American Innovation Revolution?

What exactly IS Broadband, and Why should I care? Full drafts of two articles, one addresses RMSC potential.

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