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TED Talk reflection - Lesson 1, Item 2


I wanted to comment on the TED Talk by Melinda Gates. 

Melinda delivers a succinct outline for applying the wins of the corporate/private sector to non-profit aims. I found this particularly relevant to my current project of co-crafting a strategic plan for the…


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Hello - just posting to practice a little bit about myself.

I work at the Alaska Humanities Forum, where we connect Alaskans through stories, ideas and experiences to positively change lives and empower communities. Based in Anchorage, we strive to connect with all of the regions of our vast state. Social media is one way in which we can connect with each other.

My online online learning experiences include professional development courses as a…


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Social Media - Changing views in Alaska

Social media is here to stay but how much is it affecting the lives of people in Alaska.

The theme in Alaska at this time of year is racing - skiing, snowmachines, long distance mushing and sprint racing.

The Last Great Race is now tracking its last few mushers and their teams for the finish line in Nome.…


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My name is Adrianna Bivans and I live in the wonderful town of Talkeetna, where all the climbers of our mountain gather, and am currently substituting in the Mat-Su Borough. I am from Tennessee, but have been teaching in Alaska for some time now. I've been in McGrath, Kotzebue, and Mountain Village for the bush and Seward, Anchorage and now Talkeetna on the road system. I'm hoping to get a better understanding through this class a little of what all of my students…


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Starting the Blog again

I've decided to start blogging again. When I moved back to Alaska in 2011 after returning to Minnesota for about 9 months, I started a blog to help keep family updated in my adventures. I eventually stopped blogging. Although there will be posts about what I'm doing in regards to education and work, it is not a blog that I would share with students. I'm going to be out of the classroom for at least the next two years as a full time release President of the Anchorage Education Association. I…


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Jing abou tbear tracks

Alaska Teachers- check out this Jing about telling the difference between grizzly bear and black bear tracks.

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If you haven't, I'd suggest that you might

This has been "my guy" for years:

Shephen Downes hooked me some years ago at an ASTE conference (I think it was), and the sheer volume of his work is astonishing.  He is a living, breathing, contributing and shaping member of all things social, media, and educational.

Hang on, though, because some of his stuff drops you right into the middle of conversations and debates that has long…


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3 social media sites for educators

Social Media Classroom Resources for Lesson 3


ADF&G Website Species Pages:

At some point, all Alaska students must learn about Alaska wildlife.  Students often get misinformation by referencing sites through a google search. Information about fish and wildlife found on a google search may have…


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Hello! I just joined Lone Eagle Academy and am looking forward to the class and the experience!

Hello! I just joined Lone Eagle Academy and am looking forward to the class and the experience!


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Lesson Five: weblinks for humane education

Social Media: Lesson Five                                                          Melinda Cox


I’m part of a grassroots group called the Alaskans for Animal Welfare (AAW).  Quite honestly we are a small group of people that are sick and tired of…


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Random Internet Diet

Sites that I use daily or almost daily.

I use a tablet for some things. I like the size and feel of a tablet when I'm reading the news.

I am not a classroom teacher. So I don't have a plethora of educational content to share. Many of the sites below could be used in teaching if the content objectives seeking to be achieved matched. I will share some of the places that I navigate to on a daily or regular basis.


I have…


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Amazing brilliant sunshine in the arctic this AM.

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After Thought of Being a Newbie in Social Media

After Thought of Being a Newbie in Social Media


     I had a very rudimentary understanding of Social Media, what it is about and how to use it.   Working through the first couple of lessons, it has become obvious that there is much more to it and it is indeed a much more powerful tool.    It has also become disturbing how much personal information – photo, age, address, and so on- is required.  Overcoming this, the sum of information available is overwhelming…


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Twitter Experiences?

Does anyone have experience with Twitter that they would like to share?  I have never tried it out and don't even know how to start.

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Here are some things I have used collaboratively with students in the past school year: This is a cool program for a biomedical program. You can preform all sorts of surgeries and replacements such as a , total hip replacement and you can see how it is done. This is a game where you can make laws and change laws. You can also get a…


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Over Whelmed and Over Joyed

While it is amazing to have seen education change from blackboards to whiteboard to smartboards and then real to real films and film strips to VHS to DVD and now to online streaming and video clips.  I am overwhelmed with the new ideas that keep coming and new technologies that are being introduced.  Sorting it all into the useful vs fun vs unneeded takes quite some time.  Oh how fast things are changing.

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Lesson 2

   Working on Lesson 2 means writing a blog...something that I have purposely avoided for the past several years.  Don't get me wrong, I am well aware of what blogs are and follow several (mainly friends and family, with the addition of Pioneer Woman) but find that personally I am really bad at journaling.  This includes journaling about lesson plans as well - something that I really aspire to improve.  But lets face it, at 8 months pregnant, and with 10 days left in the school year, the…


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Site Builder Jing

Here's the link to my site builder jing.

<a href="">2012-02-04_1116</a>

Site builder is a secure web application that allows teachers to upload homework, create an interactive calendar, and post URL that are related to specific content.

Creating the Jing was relatively painless.  What I found to be the biggest obstacle was overcoming my perfectionist tendancies.  I wanted everything to be…


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America’s Historic Challenge to Fund Mass Innovation

America’s Historic Challenge to Fund Mass Innovation

Grassroots Input regarding NTIA/BTOP and USDA/RUS stimulus program effectiveness.

Anyone interested in a free online course on 21st Century Workforce Basics is invited to engage the videos and other content for the Alaskan online course:

21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy -

See the sample videos at the… Continue

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