I wanted to comment on the TED Talk by Melinda Gates. http://www.ted.com/talks/melinda_french_gates_what_nonprofits_can_l...

Melinda delivers a succinct outline for applying the wins of the corporate/private sector to non-profit aims. I found this particularly relevant to my current project of co-crafting a strategic plan for the organization. 


The reference to "real time data" especially struck me, because as I recollect as a teacher, I was always tracking my student progress daily, weekly along with that student, their family, and collaborating with others. In my current role, I have not maintained the same close connection to the data, rather I am waiting for the evaluator to put together a product for me to review---and that is too late to do anything about it.


This strategy emphasizes how critical the Forum's relationships are across Alaska. That in order for us to be a statewide organization requires authentic local connections/ that we continue to cultivate and build these is central to the Forum accomplishing its mission. 


So my essential question here is what does the humanities look like in each community? What is the humanities? How is the Forum's work helpful in making a community better? 

I think our organization is on the right path here. 

In closing, I am always intrigued then sectors look across to see how other sectors do work, in order to be more successful/efficient. 

Carmen Davis

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