Morning everyone!  Even though my generation is supposed to be very social media savvy, I am the non-example.  Even after Lesson 1, I was stressing out because I had never even heard of things like Tumblr and Instagram, nor did I have a clue how they differed from Facebook and Twitter.  

Then I stumbled upon this wonderful infographic that helped me understand, maybe it will help you all out too :D  Not only did it give e more visuals to work with and less words to work with, it also juxtaposed all of the medias along side each other.  Oh was I happy!

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I think that "Active Users" figure for Google+ is pretty inflated. A lot of people regard it as a bit of a flop. I know that my gmail was really pushing it for a while and some of my family members looked like they were getting me to join. When I asked them about it they had no idea I was getting emails about it. Turns out Google was bugging everybody's contacts without permission. 8/10 I know use Facebook, so I can believe them claiming 1 billion. But it looks like the real Google+ figure is a href="" target="_blank">50 million and dwindling.

Aside from the Google+ column it's a great graphic. Instagram is the one I'm most afraid of. ;)

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