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Those in the "Teaching Effectively Online" class have been asked to leave a message here, to show they arrived.  Please give your thoughts on your candid reaction to this Ning, and the Ning resources you've explored in the lesson. (I've attached an optional 2 page reading, which was recently posted via our class listserv. "Potlatch is coming back.") 


Those in the "Social Media for Educators" class are invited to interact here as well. We're all educators and informality rules!




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Great video ... look forward to the other parts.  Sound  like a big undertaking, but at least the framework will be in place for other villages to use as a templates.

You did a good job with the Ning site, easy to navigate the opening pages and easy to post responses and read the forum.  Ning templates are clean ....just need to remember not to muck them up with too much so that they are visually overloaded...the pictures are great.  I have some to contribute , but they don't allow me to do that.

Sunny here today, but our mountain have a fresh dusting of snow ....everything just sparkles.  (Ketchikan)

Enjoy the day!


Ning seems to be pretty intuitive.  Navigating and participating are not difficult.


I can definitely see uses for Ning in an online learning environment, but it is not something I am likely to spend a lot of time on.


I thought the article on how digital media as helping in the return of the potlach was interesting.  When I lived in Tuluksak I was amazed at how much people relied on technology to communicate, and that was before there was cell service.  Given the importance of maintaining long term relationships in Yupik culture, technology that seems to threaten the culture in some ways does a lot to maintain the culture in others.  It will be interesting to see how broadband changes life in the villages.


I like the clean and easy format so far. I must admit that lately I too have felt like I am touching too many different venues without using any as they are meant to be used. I am encouraged to see this layout and agree that it appears quite intuitive.


I've never heard of Ning before, and after spending a few minutes familiarizing myself with the site, I think I'm in love!  What a great way to share thoughts, respond to posts and have a bit of a personal flair all in one networking site.  It's attractively laid out, and seems to be organized effectively.  It looks like an excellent site for my purposes, anyway.  And just to confirm, this is Ning Mini, for $2.95/month?  Thanks for sharing!

This is the second Ning I am a part of. The other is Fish Alaska Magazine Ning which provides a nice social networking area for those of us that are obsessed with fish. 
The layouts are nice, intuitive. Too bad it's not free.  

Not sure how to compare this to other social networks.  The only other social network is use is FB and it is pretty much a world of its own.  I like that this is a space to interact on a topic/theme I am so fond of but so far I feel like I am just floating out there in cyberspace.  Not much interaction for me yet.  No friends.  Do others even see my posts if they are not friends?  I guess it is probably up to me to initiate friend requests.  Maybe this weekend I'll deal with that.  I know also this is a hugely busy time of year for teachers--report cards, etc.  So that could be why there are so few posts from anyone right now. 

ning has been interesting to explore and think of how to use in both my professional life as well as personal life.  It's easy to get overloaded with all the new tools and opportunities, so trying to pick what I want to implement is tough.

I like the way NING operates. It is pretty intuitive and I have used this site as well. I am a part of a group of educators from the Anchorage School District, that helps people with the teaching of new technologies. We use a NING to collaborate with one another on different projects.

When I first started the class in March, I replied to this post without having done any work in Lesson 4 yet.  I like the layout of this ning.  It is very easy to navigate and not at all overwhelming, as I found the Ning for Classroom 2.0 to be.  Way too much there for me to even want to take in.  Right now I do not think I will be creating a ning site myself for the online classes I am working on.  For them (personal and spiritual growth classes) I most likely will be using a webinar or teleconference format so that discussions will be during the class and in real time. 

Ning seems to be very intuitive.  I feel comfortable in the online environment.  I just started using Facebook this year and Ning has many similar features.  I am not certain how (or if) I would use it in my teaching position, but I feel it is a friendly environment for connecting with other adults within our class.  Ning offers another way for distance education students to feel they are not alone in their virtual classroom.  

The ning for this class is quite easy to navigate through. I could see how anyone with basic computer skills could use this site. Initially, Ning Classroom 2.0 was quite overwhelming! The amount of information available there is endless. I liked the ability to find discussions by tool and subject on the main page. This seemed much more useful than the general search option. Once I was able to find my way around, I really liked the site. I only spent about thirty minutes searching through the math discussions, but was able to find three resources to use in my classroom during that time! 

I personally I would not pay to use a ning site for my classroom. I think there are many other online resources that have similar capabilities for free. However, it was nice to see a different set-up for online communication.

I found Ning to be pretty exciting, but I did not want to give them my credit card number in order to 'belong' for 30 days.  I ended up Googling ning for education and found edupln.ning.com which is even more exciting than the ning site, it is free and full of data about 2.0 tools and websites, videos, content from ASTE and people with news to share about education and technology; it even has a podcast link and really, I think it may be a blog with a different name.  It is a well organized page, with so much information about  many elements of the 2.0 tools.  edupln.ning is great website for educators, check it out, join, it's free and easy.

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