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My sister just sent me the link to Eric Whitacre's new video "Sleep."  Here it is: http://youtu.be/6WhWDCw3Mng

Gwendolyn Hill said:

I'm not sure yet if this is my favorite since it is the first one I viewed from the "Welcome" list, but I do know that watching Eric Whitacre express his vision and listen to his vision of this amazing unity brought me to tears.  One of my passions is sound healing and from that I have learned that sound can be a carrier wave for emotion (from Manfred Klein's work in Sentics).  In working in with Tom Kenyon, my teacher and mentor in sound healing, I have experienced this intentional use of sound by participating in "Harmonic Choirs" where the participants all hold a coherent emotion in the heart and tone whatever sound comes to them.  The result usually sounds and feels like angels singing.  What if, this same sort of virtual choir were a "harmonic choir" intentionally sending the emotions of unity, gratitude, peace, love. 

I posted this video to FB on both my personal page and my healing business page and got this immediate response from one of my virtual friends..."Wendalynn wrote: "... thank you for this. I adore Eric Whitacre. He has opened our eyes and ears to a whole new dimension of unity ~ and by doing so, our hearts have also joined in a way unimagined a decade ago. ♥"

Well, each time I sat down to view all the videos I would find myself, hours later, in some sort of rabbit hole that seemed like a hundred links from where I started!  Which is often how I feel when "researching" something on the web!

I enjoyed looking around on the Khan Academy site-how awesome!  I als enjoyed the wiki tutors and the Eric Whitacre video and the TED videos although with my internet connection they seemed to take HOURS.

I look foward to diving deeper into this class.

Perhaps I'll meet you in a rabbit hole sometime. There must be more than one for this class because I've been in one myself.  

Hello!  I've enjoyed the TED videos you've posted, but I especially love the little 3 min. commoncraft vids explaining different technologies. :)

For lesson one I enjoyed watching Howard Rheingold’s 21’s Century Literacies videos. He talks about the Essential Literacies being interconnected in our digital lives.  I especially like Rheingold ‘s perception that Attention is a literacy.  In education we teach it as an isolated skill which is applied in the classroom.  He states “We are never taught – how to exert some degree of mental control over our use of laptop, handheld, earbudded media.”   Making students mindful of Attention being more than just sitting still and looking at the teacher but mentally  engaging is  challenging at best. I want to ponder how to intertwine this in my digital literacy lessons.  I also appreciated his notion of being a “crap detector” when using the Internet.  The Hemingway quote would be a great hook for my middle school students when I teach web  site evaluation.  I plan to incorporate some of Rheingold’s method into my teaching this next year.

I want to say how amazed I have been by the Ted Talks.  I had never listened to one before and hearing  Eric Whitacre (who still looks more like a pop star than a classical composer)  speak about his transformation when he joined the choir performing Mozart’s Requiem was inspiring. His virtual choir performing Lux Aurumque takes your breath away (I can’t begin to imagine how that was all put together so flawlessly from more than 2000 voices), as well as the initial part of Sleep.


A second Ted Talk I really liked was Sugata Mitra’s  on child-driven education.  I had not heard of the “Hole in the Wall” experiment, but it reminded me how curious and fearless kids are about computers and  what incredible things  motivated kids can accomplish if they are given the tools (even in the absence of teachers).


A third talk was on mushroom burial suit – now that is thinking outside the box (or coffin!)-

And lastly “7 Billion Others”  (this is the website: http://www.7billionothers.org/ and the

you tube trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMv3oYHTLMA) . This is a wonderful project in which people all around the world are being interviewed and photographed answering big questions, such as ‘ What is the meaning of life? What is your greatest fear? What is love? ‘  In listening to a very few of the 6,000 interviewed, I saw a familiar face – Bruce Botelho of Juneau.  This would be an awesome project for students to collaborate on – they could come up with questions similar to these or questions about culture, environment, family, or  education to create a digital story.  It is a continuing reminder that the digital age has made our world much smaller in terms of being able to communicate and connect with people everywhere and learn from them.

The video Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption. This video was an eye opener for me to see what sharing ideas in the network could lead to.  I like how Rachel states, access is greater than ownership. I to feel we need to move away from egos and ownership and into a more free sharing fof knowledge and technologies.

There is so much information packed into those videos. The one that stood out for me that I would like to share with my staff is the 2000 strong video. It is difficult to get Elementary teachers to sometimes take risks with technology, especially when they know the kids are a bit more savy than they are themselves. I think sharing clips like this and letting them see some of the possibilities of where kids could eventually get to if they are given the basics and allowed to find some creativity early on in school and encourage try new programs. My students were always my best teachers.


This year our school district for the first time is giving students email addresses for grades 3 -12. This is going to allow teachers to use Edmodo for student classes and collaboration. I know that we have a 5th grade teacher who is going to create a class within a class using this tool. It will be interesting to watch.

I really enjoyed the Virtual Choir talk on TED.  I'm a big fan of TED talks in general.  This was such an incredible idea to bring together so much talent.  It really was an idea worth sharing.

I'm not really the social network bug, but I have to admit that its been fun finding photos to share with the rest of you.


Currently, I'm working on Lessons 3 and 4, so its been a while since I viewed to videos from lesson 1. My favorite has to be 2000 Voices; Unique, collaborative yet dependent on the work of individuals. A great project! It terms of usefulness to my goals for this class, though, Khan's video discussing the roots of his project was excellent!

After viewing the videos so far, my favorite is the RSA Animate - Changing the Education Paradigm. Some many great points that educators really need to consider.  Because of technology student learning has really transformed and this is essential for educators to keep in mind as we prepare and teach students.  I look at my own 5 year old and see how engaged she is when she is learning through any technology means and cannot begin to imagine how bored she might be in a classroom setting where she is not stimulated as she needs to be. This video says it so well! Can't wait to share it with my colleagues in our curriculum department. 

This is a pretty awesome site.   I enjoyed viewing TED videos, I like the new feature they added Playlists.  

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