Our first discussion: Just post anything related to the videos you liked the most that I asked you to view in the Welcome to the class bulletin at http://lone-eagles.com/social-welcome.


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Learn NING by playing around.  I've not added any content, yet, but you can explore topical nings in your areas of interest at ning.com and many are very advanced in their development and used by lots of busy teachers.



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This video on e-commerce & Shane Johnson was interesting. The up and coming years of ebay and his success was cutting edge. The growth he made from a few $100.00 a month to a 12,000 sq ft. warehouse. He is moving to a 150 boxes of bats a day! wow!!!


Then the Metlakatla video going broadband being enabled and the opportunities this brings to that community. The history of that community and the benefits the access will provide them will be amazing and economically driven.



Thanks for your posting. I hope all Alaskan villages can become successful Digital villages, and see educators and the youth as the key leaders in growing an entrepreneurial culture.

Great photo, thanks for posting!




I watched both Did You Know? and Social Media Revolution. I felt bombarded with bits and bytes of text and images and had to replay both three times to even come close to grasping it. When do you have time to think about the info presented? Where do the facts come from? By the time I can even process one image or the text, at least 5 more have zoomed by. For me, this is not an easy way to learn something. However, I have to admit after 3 viewings I think I got the message…loud and clear. Social Media is here to stay, it’s going to be changing all the time, it’s a powerful way to communicate, it seems to be the communication mode of choice and if you are an educator, you’d better do all you can to stay on top of it.

If you didn’t see Gwen Ifill’s PBS news interview with Erik Schmidt (Google’s former CEO and current executive chairman) you might want to have a look.



Those videos were like being hit in the face with a firehose, I agree.  Thanks for sharing the interview. There is more going on than any of us can keep up with, but we'll have fun in this class anyway; with a little help from our friends.


The "Did You Know" video was extremely interesting.  When it was comparing the technology of today to what we had in the past, I was constantly trying to remember where I was at that point in my life and reflecting on what kinds of technology people were using around me.  I couldn't help but remember when of my friends got internet and we thought her family was by far the coolest around.  Now it is odd when someone says they do not have internet.  With everything increasing exponentially, I am wondering how this will change my own teaching practices in the classroom in coming years.

Wow!  These videos are fast paced and full of information, but I can't help but get excited about the role social media will play in education over the next decade.  The internet has started a "revolution" in education.  Students are so "wired" these days and the only way we are going to connect is by jumping in and getting "wired" too. 


My main concern is how we, as teachers, can keep up with all the new tools, etc.  It's a challenge.

Kelly, Ghandi said "There go my people, I must hurry to catch up for I am there leader." Lace up your sneakers, the footrace to the future has begun!  Please post photos videos and links here, and at our socialwikialaska.pbwiki.com site. Show us all how to have more fun learning!


My favorite links from the welcome page include Khan Academy and the 2,000 voices strong video through youtube submissions. Khan Academy proves that we are indeed at the edge of requiring a physical school building to teach students content. We have to make it relevant to keep kids there (watch the RSA animate video on changing education paradigms) and we can do this by bringing social tools into our buildings. Students (and educators) who are not given access to use networking tools are essentially remaining "isolated" while a virtual globalizing community is developing around them.


The 2,000 voices strong video is amazing! Just one example of the many phenomenal experiences we can create using social media. Even in choir! Take your subject and think about all the elements that can be applied to a virtual experience (peer math tutors from other states, attending online workshops, debates between classes via Skype, the list could go on.). I am interested in looking into iEarn a little further as its focus is on creating global projects through the classroom. And they provide professional development to help educators through the process. (note there is a $100 teacher fee to sign up for iEarn, but the payoff could be invaluable if you implement real world global projects into your classroom units and connect you students with their peers from other countries and continents!)

I often click on the "recommended items" option in Google reader and will go to links to various creative or clever works like the virtual choir.  I also subscribe to Ted Talks List which sends a short synopsis and link to a new Ted talk every day.  I've been fascinated by a lot of people's amazing abilities and their creativity but also how these ideas are shared.  It seems like one thing that the current manifestation of the internet is great at is rapidly sharing the works of creative people.  Some great stuff is being made and shared.  Many recent applications fit this bill also with web based software that is very useful.


Another thing that these creative works and applications have in common is that they are free for the user.  Of all the media I enjoy and all the applications I use, I've only paid a subscription fee for Jing to get extra features (and Netflix back when I had time to watch movies).  I know others may be buying more than me, and there are advertiser dollars as well; however, I think many of those on the consumptive side of all this creativity are like me, users who are enjoying but not revenue supporting.  I know that the knowledge and creativity returns are exponential, but I wonder how much economic value is generated by all this social media, web 2.0, etc.?  


So then the motivating factor for creating all this fascinating stuff is foremost the joy of creativity, and I can certainly understand that, and for those that can generate enough traffic, advertising revenue.  There is a lot of creative destruction happening now.  Many of those web based applications don't last very long without disappearing or being absorbed.  It will be interesting to watch this world of sharing mature, but I think maybe it won't, at least not in the way that past media has.  There are too many creative people who want to be heard or seen, and they have direct access to worldwide publishing.  Also once you've created, the cost of sharing and maintaining your media or web-based application is very low.

Enjoyed cruising around the Ning site.  Adell

I have always prided myself as being someone who is on the "cutting edge" of technology, but wow! I have already learned so much just by looking around at these first few videos and lessons. It is amazing how much is out there! I suddenly feel like novice in the realm of technology and social media. Considering how tech-savvy my students are, I think it's time for me to pick it up a notch! Looking forward to learning more!



The Outer Hebrides video is interesting.  It seems to me to be an example of both the advantages and disadvantages of trying to bring jobs to rural areas through technology.  The Outer Hebrides video is mostly and ad trying to  bring jobs and businesses to a rural area which will lose its rural advantages if the ad is too successful.


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