If you happen to have your own web hosting (i.e. through GoDaddy [I have the Ultimate Linux plan, but most people wouldn’t need that: https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting.aspx]), then you should definitely check out WordPress for any blogs or websites you would like to set up. It is a free system that you can use with a ton of free “themes” out there. Be sure to check out the free "responsive" themes to ensure your site functions well on mobile devices. If you are going through a large hosting site, such as GoDaddy, installing WordPress is as easy as the click of a button. If not, you can download it here (https://wordpress.org/download) and upload it to your hosting account. Here are two websites that I created using WordPress: http://deweyfaith.com and http://azconnie.com. These aren’t traditional blogs, but many bloggers use WordPress as well (40 examples of WordPress websites here: http://sproutsocial.com/insights/wordpress-blogs-examples). WordPress can definitely be a bit tricky and it definitely helps to know at least basic HTML, but it is worth checking out!

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Wow Ashlee, I checked out your two web designs, they look awesome. Both websites are attractive and easy to navigate around.  I’ve only used the "cookie cutter" website. www.hometeamsonline.com is one that I used for the hockey team I coach. I've found it's easy to create a website, just hard to keep it updated.

Another site that I’m looking into that has more features for leagues is http://www.sportngin.com/

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