Up to this point I find that Ted.com is an amazing place to go to watch and learn. The things that people do with technology is pretty darn cool, and inspiring. The neatest thing I got out of all that browsing was what is considered technology and getting the best use out of it.

If its ning, blog, website, email,Facebook or twitter I can now see how our social world is getting smaller and faster.

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So I just finished lesson 2 and wanted to post a couple of discoveries. As mentioned elsewhere on this ning, Google Reader is now gone. I found feedly to be a great alternative to google reader, possibly even better with its streamlined interface and customization. One can easily add rss feeds to see the most recent updates to your favorite blogs and news sites.

Also, I use Mozilla's Firefox browser which allows you to make 'live' bookmarks. These bookmarks, when hovered over with the mouse, will show all the recent posts/stories on the bookmarked site, and also have different icons for read vs. unread posts. Here is a screenshot of it in use:

There are other browsers available that incorporate similar techniques.

I just signed up for feedly as Google reader is gone. It will be great to have one place to go to get all my "news".  I can see that the sky is the limit for adding things to follow.  Very easy to use and organize.  AND I was able to sign up using my gmail account.  SUPER nice not to have to create another separate account....

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