"What value on what topic as perceived by whom, relates to What Matters MOST – to you and yours." That is a quote from Lesson 2. This is very interesting. I am a Shop Teacher and Commercial Fisherman. In most places in AK, I have highly valuable, somewhat rare here, skills. I am perceived by people who need things fixed or made like boats or motors which matters ALOT to them to have a high value. Now if I were to go to innercity chicago, my Value would diminish greatly simply because of those around me.

Another example I have is here in Unalakleet, a kid who spends thousands of hours playing video games and who has great skill and knowledge of video games would not have much value here. However, if they get online and make youtube videos or jings explaining how to pass a tricky level to a audience of fellow gamers struggling to pass it, their knowledge would be valuable. Or if the same kid started working in a game development company, their knowledge would have value. 

On a separate note, and feel free to comment on this and disagree.... I define smart as the ability or speed which someone has to learn and process and use a given topic. I also then define wisdom as the ability to see right and wrong answers clearly. You don't have to be smart to be wise. There can be value in wisdom as well as smartness or knowledge. 

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Hi Reid,

I really appreciate your example of Information value and how it varies greatly depending on where you are, and what skills are valued/necessary. and your philosophical statement with regard to smart vs. wise. Your students and the community of Unalakleet are lucky to have you!

I think you're incredibly keen to note that knowledge has power within circumstance.  We all have special sets of knowledge or skill that can be invaluable in one setting and completely useless in another.  And I think we tend to dismiss people who are out of their element instead of encouraging them within their element. 

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