Info-diets Jings: Lesson 6 - Social Media For Educators: Post here as a Reply

Lesson Six for Social Media for Educators Info-diet Jings go here,

please post as a reply!  Facebook users please show us the best uses possible!

____Create and Share a Jing showing 3 minutes of your best innovations related to info-diet inputs and outputs; specifically what you think others would find most interesting about your own “best practices.” Facebook users please consider this your key opportunity to share what you like most about Facebook and/or Twitter with emphasis on using Facebook and/or Twitter for community outreach.

____Post your Jing link as a reply to the Jing Info-diets forum at our Ning social network site;  (One hour)


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Here is my contribution to Lesson six.  I've focused upon old technologies....with a twist.


this is the link to my jing for lesson 6.  I am working on getting used to all these new tools so I can share them with my FFA students to create a blog and wiki page for our chapter to share with ourselves, the community, and other FFA chapters.

Here is my jing video for lesson 6. I discuss using iCal or any online calendaring program, a password manager (I use 1password) and then a website called Lifehacker where I found another site called Rescue Time that will track what you are doing on your computer.

Happy New Years


Sean Powell's Jing in which I shy away from using Facebook/Twitter and show a different way to control your info-diet.

Best Practices for my info-diet includes the use of online forms for parents/care givers.

Online forms are a huge hit with parents. Not every district will allow them for teachers, so check first. But for clubs, ministry and in-class use to survey your students, they are a hit! I know that students in high schools are also using them to poll their student body.

I show a website based format on this Jing. There are other formats, including a Google Docs format that is super easy. Definitely worth the time to investigate as online forms are so convenient and the parents love them! I also show how to include info into Facebook and talk about other social media outlets that you can use to get the form to the parents easily and almost effortlessly.

Online Forms

I decided to do a Jing on my tips for searching for learning communities for this assignment:

Wayne Sawchuk's  Jing is about using to communicate with students and parents.

Hello all!  Here is my Organizing My Social Media video I created to show everyone how I utilize the Chrome extension Feedly for personal and professional uses.  Also if anyone can help me figure out how to have my Twitter tweets post on a Facebook page that would be great...I haven been trying for days to make it work. 

Here is my Jing about using Pintrest.

My Jing video is on using Pinterest as a tool for organizing online resources.   Here is the link

I did my practice activity for Lesson 4 on Symbaloo, a cloud bookmark organizational method that is way better than google bookmarks, etc. Watch my Jing to learn more!

For lesson 6, I expand on this just a bit for my Lesson 6 Info diet assignment, and also discuss other tools I use regularly: Symbaloo, Pocket, TedTalks, and a bit on this twitter jpeg below. I did not have time to cover everything I wanted, but another one I would probably highlight is It is basically an online interactive whiteboard where everyone can write simultaneously. You can save padlets to your account, share them, and also upload resources to specific padlets for people to use. It has been a major input/output resource for me when I want to interact with multiple people at the same time. In addition, there is always Edmodo, which is basically Facebook for the classroom, but more dynamic. Enjoy!

Here's my info diet Jing. Enjoy. :)

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