Info-diets Jings: Lesson 6 - Social Media For Educators: Post here as a Reply

Lesson Six for Social Media for Educators Info-diet Jings go here,

please post as a reply!  Facebook users please show us the best uses possible!

____Create and Share a Jing showing 3 minutes of your best innovations related to info-diet inputs and outputs; specifically what you think others would find most interesting about your own “best practices.” Facebook users please consider this your key opportunity to share what you like most about Facebook and/or Twitter with emphasis on using Facebook and/or Twitter for community outreach.

____Post your Jing link as a reply to the Jing Info-diets forum at our Ning social network site;  (One hour)


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This is my Jing for info-diets inputs and outputs. I don't use Facebook (yet...)

Thanks, Shelley

Chris Putman's JING regarding info diet lesson 6 assignment.

Here is my "mom-life" info diet! Not much time to be on the computer, but thanks to my online classes I'm spending a little bit more time getting connected with the Internet!

Here is my very short Jing about a non-profit veterinarian group visiting our village to do free spay and neuters last weekend. Although this isn't directly how to use social media, but social media  definitely played a part in getting the vets to our village. Angie Fitch, the organizer lives in the Fairbanks area and she runs They are also on Facebook at

Thanks Frank. It's a start

I decided to make a screencast about a few of my district’s online resources, as they feature heavily in my daily info diet. I thought this assignment could be dual purpose; I will also post it to my school website as an introduction of the commonly used resources for my students and parents.


Here is my Jing Video about the privacy settings and my best practices when using Facebook.  Because we have been a foster family in the past, I'm quite private about what I share on Facebook.  I primarily use it for connecting with my family and close friends. 

Good evening,

This is my Jing video regarding 3 important guidelines when using social-media as a resource for "do-it-yourself" projects.  Thanks!

Here is my JING for lesson 6, info-diets and outputs.

Thanks, Adrianna

Almost a new year!! Here is lesson 6 jing video. Its well over 3 minutes but it covers the ideas.



I don't know that this is super best practice... but my students feel like something is missing if they don't have their phones.  I'd like to help them learn that they can use the phone for academic purposes and to get them started learning to respond and reply to posts. In other words, become contributors!  Google Q & A gives me the ability to do this.  I find it really helpful when we are discussing controversial or sensitive subjects.  Since it has the ability to let you be anonymous, students don't need to worry about everyone knowing they are asking a particular question.  

Here's my Jing on how I use Sharepoint, Support Central, and Google Drive at work:

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