Info-diets Jings: Lesson 6 - Social Media For Educators: Post here as a Reply

Lesson Six for Social Media for Educators Info-diet Jings go here,

please post as a reply!  Facebook users please show us the best uses possible!

____Create and Share a Jing showing 3 minutes of your best innovations related to info-diet inputs and outputs; specifically what you think others would find most interesting about your own “best practices.” Facebook users please consider this your key opportunity to share what you like most about Facebook and/or Twitter with emphasis on using Facebook and/or Twitter for community outreach.

____Post your Jing link as a reply to the Jing Info-diets forum at our Ning social network site;  (One hour)


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Bill Honeycutt's 3-minute Info-Diet jing using Google Reader & Facebook.        

Here is my Jing for lesson 6.

We use Facebook for our site as well as out website to help parents and community members stay in touch with whats going on.


Kelly VandenBerg's Jing highlighting and Google Groups. 

Renee Estelle's Jing on Facebook and other tools for managing connectivity and info-diet overload:

Here is my link to my Lesson Six Info Diet video. Both resources I used provide me with the opportunity for input and output.

Here is the jing video of my information diet.  It is similar to others in where and how I get my information but my output might be different in that my district is trying to get us to use google docs.  My earth science colleagues and I have also developed a wiki (outdated a little though) that we can share documents and ideas through.

Here is my Jing for lesson 6.

Here is my Jing video for Lesson Six.  I focused on FaceBook.

Well, as I have stated before, I am extremely new to this Social Media 'thing' - I have one personal info-diet input which is Google Reader - in time, there may be more input and, possibly, output -

Amy's Malnurished Info-Diet  -- Hello Everyone,  Here is my Jing info diets post.  It is based off of Twitter.  I hope you find it helpful.  Mitch Steele 

Here is my info diet.


Matt Swalling

Here is Jeremy Hinshaw's jing on my info diet. Largely I use the computer only for email. Most of my diet comes from my cellphone or tablet through apps but I can't capture that with jing I don't think.

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