Everyone is Invited to Post Your Questions Here: AND please respond with Answers.

It has been suggested I create a place specifically inviting your questions. AND specifically inviting you all to post your best effort at answers, too! Discussion forums take practice.

Have you noticed Ning doesn't send all responses out as emails, but that Google Groups does?

This is an optional setting, and since many forget to check Forums regularly, there is a certain utility - up until the volume becomes overwhelming or unmanageable.

While we may differ, it is important for us all to share what we do and don't like.


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This Ning site is the venue I feel most comfortable viewing...can we have the assignments put somewhere on this site?


 Attached is Lesson Five for Teaching Effectively Online - simply as a test.


Thank you.

As much as I don't like it, I think it is important IF we want to stay ACTIVE to have the notifications for the chosen discussion site be automatically set to email us.  I have found with this class that I am doing a better job of "checking in", however, because there are so many different discussions sites currently available to this class, I find it hard to keep "in the loop" on all of them.  I haven't used a Ning before, but I like the feel of this.  The jury is still out for me...

Landing on one discussion site is important for me, but again, I can appreciate the need to give us a feel for the variety that exists. 

On the original email asking us to join Ning, #3 asked us to

3. Tell your Twitter followers:

So, I go out to Bitly and shorten the URL but then when I jump onto Twitter, I am stumped as to what I am to do...do I tell them to JOIN ME on my NING?  Do I tell them that I am now on Ning?  Come find me on Ning?  Friend me on Ning?


Here is what I was going to Tweet:

Join me on ning: http://bit.ly/vIHHx5


p.s. Tweet me at Adventurer10 if your are a tweeter!!

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