Hello!  I tackled Blogs today, first by researching best practices in blogging. Here are some you may want to check out:

This one is great because it has the 10 tips!

Lifework how to start a popular blog

This is real step-by-step (although I found google blogspot sooooo..easy!


This one discuss the "why blog" question--benefits/outcomes (other than for our class)


It's fun!

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Hi Carmen!

Long time no see!  I hope you are doing well.  Talia and I left Akiachak in 2009 and have been working for ASD ever since.  We now have two children (Graham-7 and Emmett-5).

This lesson on blogging (I must have started the class right after you :) has resonated strongly with me, because we follow several blogs related to type 1 diabetes.  Our son, Emmett was diagnosed in December of 2015.  It was a very scary time and life is still full of unending challenges.  

I had never really paid any attention to blogs because I just never had a topic that grabbed me enough that I wanted to follow someone's collection of thoughts or resources, until now.  Now, I follow several blogs from other parents who find comfort in sharing their experiences and resources.  The extreme, personal connection to the topic has motivated me to subscribe to several blogs and to create a similar one for my son for this lesson.

Here are two bogs we follow closely and the link to the one I created for Emmett:

Beyond Type 1

Brave Maeve

Emmett's Journey

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