I want to incorporate blogging into my middle school classroom as a year long project.  I was thinking they could pick one topic to blog about year long and sneak in some common core stuff in their, just around the same topic.  I'd like to create a rubric I can use on a weekly basis to grade the them on that would include a weekly theme they need to incorporate (CC based).

Here are some ideas I have, I'd love some feedback and ideas.

  • Have some kind of length requirement
  • Students have to comment on others' blogs in addition to responding to comments on their own feeds
  • A different theme each week
    • find a biographical piece related to your topic
    • create an infographic and post
    • create different poem or expository pieces
    • interview an expert
  • Should spelling/grammar count?  6+1 traits maybe?

Thats what I have so far, what do you think?

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